General Terms and Conditions

House Rules – Loft Coworking

  1. Practice leave no trace in shared areas One of the greatest parts of co-working space is that you have access to some amazing shared space. It’s imperative to leave no trace after you utilize these spaces. Always throw away your trash, and always clean up after yourself. Other members will appreciate it!
  2. Be friendly Working in a co-working space is meant to be social, so it goes without being said that having a friendly demeanor is appreciated! Always say hello to your neighbors, and do your best to get to know them! You’ll make some great connections that will help you excel in your career!
  3. Watch your telephone voice If you work in a co-working space then you are probably aware that the floorplan is more open than most. In this case, it’s important to watch your telephone voice. You may not realize that you’re speaking loudly, so please make the effort to be considerate of the people around you. Loud phone conversations tend to be distracting to those around you making it difficult to focus.
  4. Promote to your network Co-working spaces, including Loft Coworking, are always looking for new members! If you work at a co-working space it’s important to share and promote to your network; and why you enjoy working there. Word of mouth goes a long way, and if you’ve had a good experience, then you’ll want to share it with other professionals looking for a space to work!
  5. Use your own supplies This is a problem at co-working spaces that you may be surprised by– supply snatching. If you forgot your coffee mug, or don’t have a stapler, don’t simply go snatch your neighbor’s. Instead, use a disposable mug, or ask to borrow your neighbor’s stapler. Taking things without asking is rude, and will cause nothing but problems!
  6. Step out of your comfort zone, and make connections The purpose of a co-working space is to make connections and build your network. Always make a point to get to know other members, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone. Here at Loft Coworking we encourage socialization.
  7. Keys Giving a key/key code to anyone else or allowing non-paying customers entrance into or use of the space at any time will lead to immediate termination of your membership plan and a lifetime ban from Loft Coworking for both the Member and the person who was allowed into the space.
  8. Pets Please note that pets are NOT allowed in the Loft Coworking Space.
  9. Conference Room Usage The meeting room can be used by any member. Times must be reserved online.
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